…don’t worry, I sent it to him anonymously.

At least, I think he’s bitter because he’s on the waitlist. He could be implying that I use my lips for other things, but that’s like admitting he’s right and I’ll sooner make nice with Kazuya before ever admitting that Jin is right about something.

…the one time balls do not make things better. Go fuck yourself, dad.

Pizza is a true expression of love; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(And now I wonder how many of you will crave pizza after seeing this.)

Hey guys, so I’m not able to update since I’m currently at con, so this week we have Lars and Jin reenacting/parodying that Alisa/Xiaoyu Yamashita illustration, all decked out in that Kotobukiya…style…

See you guys next week!

That last message applies to all of you. ♥

It’s a good thing I can sew, or else it would be really costly to replace all these shirts.

…we are both horrible people. Mishimas, am I right?

(Also, apologies for not updating yesterday; I just got back into town after engaging in some Midsummer fun back home.)

See, I can’t handle hot weather too well, so I usually spend it wearing as little clothing as possible and abusing the poor AC.